TomTom brings the laughs to your car with Bert & Ernie!!

TomTom has all but dominated the after-market GPS industry and by now it’s no wonder. Their systems are fantastic and now they’re even giving their products a healthy dose of character to make us love them even more. 

TomTom announced recently they’d be releasing a special edition voice-pack for their devices using Jeremy Clarkson from TopGear UK as a downloadable expansion. Sadly, the pack was pulled before it ever hit the electronic shelves. They also have Snoop Dogg, Star Wars, Bugs Bunny, The Simpsons, and more! If the TopGear ans Star Wars idea wasn’t badass enough for ya, though, check out what they’re doing now! They’ve released an expansion voice-pack using Bert & Ernie from Sesame Street to tell you where you’re going! In the above video you’ll see the “behind the scenes” footage of the most famous gay couple ever goofing about in the studios, but don’t worry; the final product isn’t as confusing. You can, however, give the system a test-run on their website (link given below) to listen to how the final commands will sound. Still funny, by the way. 

If you have a TomTom, you’re in luck! You can now download the Bert & Ernie voice-pack online and through your TomTom for only $12.95.. It really makes me want to go buy a TomTom. 

Link: <== Give the link a go and play around with the Bert & Ernie voices as well as the rest of the expansion packs!

A brutal approach to why you shouldn’t text & drive. Wow…

We’ve all by now seen the “don’t text & drive” campaign commercials blasted all over TV. We all know we’re not supposed to do it but some still do. I don’t. And if I did still text while driving prior to seeing this video, I’d stop.

The above video was made by Gwent Police force for South Wales, overseas. They decided to get serious with the campaign videos after seeing that New Zealand goes over the top with their drunk-driving PSAs. S. Wales spent a well-used $20,000 on this anti-text video and I don’t think it could have gone any better. 

The video is brutal, bloody, emotional, and I love it.

Japan continues to sell radioactive used cars. Because they can.


Japan’s earthquakes shook the world. No they clearly didn’t SHAKE the earth but the effects from the country’s distress have been quite dramatic, especially to the automotive industry. Japanese automakers almost all were forced to shut down production after the quake, tsunami, and then the radioactive issues at the Fukushima Daiichi meltdown. Facilities continued their unfortunate delays and once rebounded, automakers salvaged what they could and picked up where they left off. However, everything in the area was now radioactive and materials needed to be cleaned off. Unfortunately, it’s come about now that things aren’t all rosepetals like they’ve once been thought to be.

New cars from Japan are one thing; they’re new and fresh. But it’s come to the surface that since the quake, Japan has been exporting used vehicles to other countries that are still testing positive for radioactivity at unsafe levels (legal radiation limit is .3 microsieverts per hour). Japan now has radiation testers located at it’s docks that test vehicles but they’ve still let through almost a thousand vehicles. There was even a van found originally registered within the 18-mile danger-zone with radioactive levels of 110 microsieverts —-that’s 300 times the legal limit! What’s sad is that this van was sold by a dealer knowing where it had come from.

With stories like this and others telling the tale of unsafe radioactive levels found in [deemed] suitable neighborhoods in Japan, it makes me wonder how long it will take for them to get back on their feet. The government already told a portion of the population that they could return home and continue life only to find later most of these areas contain high levels of radioactivity and they aren’t safe after all. The coastal areas of Japan also have tested positive for high levels, deeming them unsafe still. I really really hope there’s still hope for Japan; I have yet to visit!

I wish we had signs like this in Dallas. Seriously..

I wish we had signs like this in Dallas. Seriously..

The next step in technology is here and it’s invading the automobile.. Here, Mercedes demonstrates the new tech in their new B-Class. What do you think of it all? I’m pretty indifferent myself; I like the fact that I have access to everything as shown in the video, but I really don’t know that I want folks driving around and checking their facebook or twitter at the same time…..

I love art. I love cars. So this world-first “nail-art” commercial for the new (overseas) Kia Picanto is superb. They actually did what you see in the video…

This is a photo of the &#8220;Email &amp; Bacon&#8221; feature in my KIA&#8230; That&#8217;s right, this car has everything&#8230;

This is a photo of the “Email & Bacon” feature in my KIA… That’s right, this car has everything…

How did this Mazda get inside this Mercedes?

I came across this and I couldn’t help but laugh. I think anyone (especially those interested in cars) has joked about throwing a car, namely the smart car, into the back of a truck or van. These folks in Germany actually did it!

Apparently, two Kazakh gentlemen (yes, where ‘Borat’ is from) were driving their Sprinter can on the Autobahn in Germany when officers noticed the back of the van wasn’t quite shut and also had foreign plates. After officers pulled over what they then found to be two 22-year-old boys, they found out what the deal was. They’d previously purchased a pre-owned Mazda 626 and rather than one driving it home (unless it didn’t run, nobody knows) and the other drive the van, they decided to hoist it into the van sideways! Don’t worry, they strapped it in on both sides so the paint didn’t scratch. Nevermind the oil and gas that probably would spew out of a sideways car… The boys also managed to get the car all the way in after first measuring the van to make sure it would fit. Sadly they were just a hair shy and the car’s front end was touching the interior dash of the van and the back doors obviously couldn’t fully shut. Damn, they almost made it! The police determined the van unsafe and forced them to discontinue their journey. They were forced to tow the car home, or drive it home. Either way, I’m sure it got somewhere.

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